The biggest children music competition "The Rhythm of Europe"


The biggest children music competition "The Rhythm of Europe", with broadcast on national television, have a 10 years long tradition and is supported by the Ambassadors of countries in Europe, Israel and Australia. "The Rhythm of Europe" is a competition that gathers children of primary and secondary school age who besides their city or municipality, present and sing in the language of one of the countries of Europe, Israel and Australia. The total number of cities of representatives - competitors is 20 in one country. The process of preparing children for live television broadcast lasts 6 months during which children are trained with television teams "The Rhythm of Europe" to present in the live TV broadcast the country of Europe, Israel and Australia.

The winner of the competition is determined by adding the SMS votes and votes of the jury of participating cities. The Winning City, as a prize, receives television broadcast for the next year on national television from it's city, and the children of the Winning City receives a rewarding trip to the country that they have represented in a live television program.

Srbija u Ritmu Evrope
Crna Gora u Ritmu Evrope
The rhythm of Europe - Croatia


Participants scoring have two phases:

First phase:
The propositions of the competition "The Rhythm of Europe" finds that from each city of participants of the competition delegates one member of the jury, who will freely, independently according to his own discretion, perform the award of points from one point to a maximum of 21 points, in that way the city from which a member of the jury comes award one point, and to other participants from 2 points to 21 points, which makes a total of 50 percent of all points which are awarding to participants cities and municipalities of the contest. Voting is through software with the interface "Rhythm of Europe" with which the members of the jury will be informed in time before the final vote. The organizer of "Rhythm of Europe" does not influence on who will be assigned as a member of the jury in front of the local governments.

Second phase:
The organizer of the competition in cooperation with all mobile teleoperators of the Republic where competition is going to held signs the agreement on their inclusion in such a way that the viewers, participants, present audience and other interested parties will vote for their favorites with the following content of the message without limitation in the number of sent SMS messages - example: PESMA 01. Voting according to this principle is made to the number of candidates representatives. The price of the SMS and the voting number will be known 30 days before the final television broadcast, and the information will be shared through official social networks, public media, billboards.

Directors of the project “The Rhythm of Europe”

David Makević
For the tenth year in a row, in cooperation with the Embassies of European countries, the implementation of “The Rhythm of Europe” project has been expanding its operations to countries in the region, in the field of economy and management.

Through “The Rhythm of Europe” new projects have been developed aimed at encouraging the development of talents among children and youth. By managing this kind of work system, young talents have been created, which are a constantly television inspiration in implementation of this kind of children’s music competition and as such give the energy and the power to realize new business ventures and support the young people in the media, in the largest television format in our area adapted to children and youth.

Srbija u Ritmu Evrope
Srbija u Ritmu Evrope

Igor Karadarević
Igor Karadarevič was born on 03.12.2018.year.

The finalist of the selection for the Eurovision leader on the Radio-television of Serbia more known as a “Evropsko lice”. Editor and manager of the morning program on the Radio-telvision of Serbia, the leader of the show “Jedna pesma, jedna želja”. The director of the program “Serbia in the rhythm of Europe” on the Prva Srpska Televizija (PRVA TV).

Igor Karadarević has transferred his energy and the desire to stimulate the development of young people to the countries of Europe, among which is: Sweden – “Sweden in the rhythm of Europe”, Cyprus – “Cyprus in the rhythm of Europe”, Croatia – “Croatia in the rhythm of Europe”, Montenegro – “Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe”, Malta – “Malta in the rhythm of Europe”, Ukraine – “Ukraine in the rhythm of Europe”, Moldova – “Moldova in the rhythm of Europe”.